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Efektifitas Penerapan Ceklist Kesiapan Sedasi Anestesi Pada Operasi Mata dengan General Anestesi di Rumah Sakit Mata “Dr.Yap” Yogyakarta

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Background : Anesthesia service is one part of perioperative service in the operating room and participates in the prevention of morbidity and mortality in the hospital.  Anesthetic services often cause unwanted complications, but they can be prevented. One of the prevention is the application of anesthetic sedation is readiness checklist. The sedation and anesthesia readiness checklist is a checklist to provide safe and quality sedation anesthesia services for patients. This checklist is a communication tool for patient safety that is used by the anesthesia team before the patient is undergoing anesthesia. Objective: How Effective is the Application of Anesthesia Sedation Readiness Checklist in Eye Surgery with General Anesthesia at Dr.Yap Eye Hospital of Yogyakarta? Methods: This research uses a quantitative approach and a narrative descriptive method and was conducted from October 13 to November 6, 2020, sampling using Probability Sampling with a total sample of 45. The subject of this study was the anesthesia sedation readiness checklist form in eye surgery while the object of the study was the anesthesia nurse in the operating room installation Dr.Yap Eye Hospital Yogyakarta. Data analysis using validity and reliability tests with the help of SPSS. Result: The results of the 14-item questionnaire test had a significance value <0.05, statistically significant (valid or effective), and the results of cronbach alpha 0.891, this shows an alpha value > 0.5 so that the questionnaire or anesthetic sedation readiness checklist is concluded in eye surgery with general anesthesia at the Eye Hospital Yap, is very reliable or effective. Conclusions: Anesthesia sedation readiness checklist in eye surgery with general anesthesia is very effective to be applied in the Dr.Yap Eye Hospital of Yogyakarta.

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