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Healthy Drink Soya Zalacca (Soca) Rich in Iron and Vitamin C as a Drink for Pregnant Women

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Many people in Riau Islands do not eat vegetables, causing many of them to suffer from anemia. The high number of marine resources such as fish and shellfish has made Riau Island people forget the importance of consuming these fruits and vegetables. Pregnant women in Kepri Province have the habit of consuming certain drinks every day, namely soya/tofu water. Tofu water is a processed drink made from soybeans that are high in iron. This research aimed to make SOCA healthy drinks for pregnant women. This research was conducted in July-August 2020, in the Integrated Chemistry Laboratory of the Poltekkes Kemenkes Tanjungpinang with panelists from the Poltekkes Kemenkes Tanjungpinang students. The result is the best formulation from the organoleptic test on students were tested on pregnant women who live around the Poltekkes Kemenkes Tanjungpinang environment. Then the preference test is carried out to determine which flavor is the best. This product is made in 3 stages, namely, separating the essence of Salak Sari Intan, combining tofu water and Salak Sari Intan essence, and testing the preference for the product. The distinctive aroma of tofu water and Salak Sari Intan essence is mixed in this SOCA drink. It makes the aroma of this drink its characteristic. The panelists also like the color of the solution because the resulting color looks brighter than other solutions. SOCA drink is a very suitable drink as an alternative to prevent anemia.

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