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Environmental Health

The Quality of Compost Using Skipjack Gill with Anaerob Method

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Anaerobic composting is a composting process that requires oxygen availability. Oxygen is needed by microorganisms to remodel organic material during the composting process. Anaerobic composting is a composting process that does not require the availability of oxygen but only requires the heat from outside. Skipjack fish (Katsuwonus pelamis) is a medium-sized fish from the family Skombride (tuna), the only species of the genus Katsuwonus. The body length of the largest Skipjack could reach 1 meter and the weight more than 18 kg. The back part is purplish to dark blue and the lower abdomen is the silver belly and equipped with 4 to 6 black stripes extending to the side of the body. Scales can only be found on the body scars or coreset and lateral lines. The inner and outer parts of fish waste from processing were potential to be processed into fertilizer/compost. Generally, the fish waste contains many nutrients, namely N (Nitrogen), P (Phosphorus), and K (Potassium). The purpose of this study was to determine the quality of compost, composting time, and the number of composts with the addition of skipjack gills. This was experimental research. In the process of composting the amount of vegetable waste used is as much as 40 kg, and skipjack gill is about 2 kg. The results of this study showed that the compost produced by the addition of skipjack gills for 24 days was 2.7 Kg. While, the control group, composting for 24 days produced compost of about 2.4 kg. Physically, the color of compost-based skipjack gills was blackish-brown, smells of fish gills, and has a fine texture like soil. A bit different from compost from the control group, the color was light brown, smelled of soil, and has a fine texture like soil. It is recommended for further researchers to conduct research by utilizing Skipjack Fish Gills with different composting methods.

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