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Hypnobreastfeeding Android Application for Woman Breastfeeding Anxiety

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In the process of breastfeeding, there will be many problems faced. One of the problems that arise is anxiety. A breastfeeding mother worries about whether she will breastfeed her baby well and often feels insecure. The way to overcome the stress of breastfeeding mothers is to give Hypnobreastfeeding. The Hypnobreastfeeding technique given is giving positive affirmations through audio and visuals from android-based applications. This study aims to influence Hypnobreastfeeding.Android Application on breastfeeding women in The Midwife Independent Practice of Palembang. His research uses non-random sampling with a sample size of 67 respondents. Quasi Experiment research design using a pretest and posttest control-group design approach. Measuring breastfeeding women’s anxiety levels before and after being given. Hypnobreastfeeding Android Application using the HARS (Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale) instrument. The results showed a significant difference between breastfeeding women’s anxiety levels before and after being given Hypnobreatfeeding Android Application with Wilcoxon Test ? = 0,000 (< ? =0,005). The suggestion in this study was that breastfeeding mothers must have high self-confidence and always feel happy to undergo the breastfeeding process well.

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Kharisma Virgian, Desy Setiawati, & Ratnaningsih Dewi Astuti. (2022). Hypnobreastfeeding Android Application for Woman Breastfeeding Anxiety. International Conference on Health Sciences, 8(1), 52–57. https://doi.org/10.29238/ichs.v8i1.1279

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