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Oral and Dental Health Care

Design of Disposible Dental Cutting Equipment in Accordance With Healt Rules in Bali Province

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Tooth-cutting is a ceremony that must be carried out by Hindus in Bali. The tradition of the Tooth-cutting Ceremony contains a deep meaning for life. Tooth-cutting ceremonies in Bali vary widely, and teeth are often cut in bulk, so it is feared that disease transmission will occur. The purpose of this study was to design a disposable dental cutter in the province of Bali. The research was carried out with a transformative mixed methods design, namely the researcher used qualitative and quantitative tests. The qualitative test used semi-structured interviews with the Delphi method with 7 experts and 15 sangging practitioners to obtain disposable dental cutting tools according to health rules. After getting an agreement on the disposable tooth cutter, a seminar and hands-on was held for the sangging to obtain quantitative data through the Post-test only control design test. The results of the qualitative research using the Delphi method showed that the experts agreed that the new tooth cutting tool was designed to be a disposable device because this tool did not affect or conflict with the tooth-cutting process. The results of quantitative research on the sangging can accept a disposable appliance designed according to health rules, as evidenced by the Wilcoxon signed Ranks test, the perception of sangging of a disposable tooth cutter with a p-value <0.05 

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Sagung Agung Putri Dwiastuti, Ida Ayu Dewi Kumala Ratih, & IGA Ayu Dharmawati. (2022). Design of Disposible Dental Cutting Equipment in Accordance With Healt Rules in Bali Province. International Conference on Health Sciences, 8(1), 75–81. https://doi.org/10.29238/ichs.v8i1.1283

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