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Health Dentistry

Tingkat Kepuasan Pasien Pada Pelayanan Balai Pengobatan Gigi di Puskesmas Petanahan Kebumen

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Satisfaction is a feeling or perception of patients arising from the health performance that occurs after the patient compared to
what to expect. The number of patients visited Dental Service Center at Petanahan Community Health Center Kebumen in
October-November 2016 went up and down. This reaserch is aimed to know patients' satisfaction level at the Dental Service
Center at Petanahan Community Health Center, Kebumen. The type of research was descriptive research. The research
was conducted at Petanahan Community Health Center, Kebumen. The number of samples was 40 respondents with
determination of the sample by purposive sampling. Criteria of respondent were 20-45 years old, graduated from junior high
school (minimum), and willing to be the research respondent. The patients' satisfaction level research was conducted after
the patient received dental and oral health care and completed a questionnaire containing 20 statements. The results
showed the satisfaction level of patients in the category of very satisfied as much as 26 respondents (65%). Patient
satisfaction level seen from the comfort dimension showed 60% of respondents are very satisfied, seen from the dimensions
of reliability and professionalism officials 70% of respondents feel very satisfied and seen from the dimensions of
responsiveness and empathy 67.5% of respondents feel very satisfied. It can be concluded that the level of patient
satisfaction on Dental Service Center Puskesmas Petanahan Kebumen entered in the category very satisfied as much as 26
respondents (65%).

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