Focus and Scope

  1. Clinical Nutrition:
  • Exploration of enteral and parenteral nutrition strategies.
  • Experimental nutrition research in human and animal species.
  • In-depth analysis of inpatient and outpatient dietary interventions.
  1. Maternal and Child Nutrition:
  • Emphasis on exclusive breastfeeding practices.
  • Investigation of complementary food and its impact.
  • Examination of macro- and micronutrient deficiencies in various life stages.
  • Nutrition considerations in adolescence, preconception, pregnancy, and lactating women.
  1. Public Health Nutrition:
  • Research in nutritional epidemiology.
  • Development of innovative dietary intake and assessment tools.
  • Large-scale data analysis to inform public health initiatives.
  1. Obesity and Non-Communicable Diseases:
  • Exploration of the role of nutrition and lifestyle in the development of NCDs.
  • Analysis of the impact on diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.
  1. Food Service Management:
  • Studies on food waste, food safety, and food service management in specific industries.
  • Analysis of sustainable practices in the food service sector.
  1. Food Science and Technology:
  • Investigation of food formulation and development of new food products.
  • Research in food preservation, storage, and the study of bioactive food components.
  1. Innovative Topics:
  • Submission of papers outside the defined scopes with adequate justification.
  • Preference for innovative and relevant contributions to cater to an international readership.

The Micronutrient Insights journal welcomes research articles and analyses aligned with these focal areas. We encourage the submission of papers that push the boundaries of knowledge in micronutrients and related fields, providing valuable insights and advancements to our global audience.