Food security is an effort needed to prevent food from possible biological, chemical or physical
contamination that can endanger human health. Wingko is a semi-wet food that can be easily
overgrown with mold. Wingko production activities are closely related to the use of packaging
paper and the type of coating paper. One natural ingredients containing essential oils, flavonoids,
and tannins as antimicrobials are galangal. The aim of the study was to know the concentration
variation of galangal coated paper to inhibit of mold contamination on wingko. The study
was an experiment with post test only control group design. The data collection techniques
was visual observation and using a checklist. The observation was carried out on wingko after
have been exposed to galangal coated paper during the end of the shelf life or the appearance
of mold. The observation of the mold was on top, bottom, right and left sides of the wingko surface.
The results showed that among the 3 variations of treatment (30%, 40%, 50%) and the
control, the mean of the shelf life of Wingko after intervention, were 5; 5; 5,3; and 4.1 days, respectively.
Based on data analysis, it can be concluded that the addition of galangal liquid with
50% concentration to coateing paper is the best variation of for inhibiting mold contamination on
wingko and is able to extend the shelf life of wingko.