Patients, visitors, and workers at BP4 Kotagede are at risk of contracting respiratory and lung diseases. Based on the preliminary survey it was revealed that wall microbe number in nursing
exceeded the maximum permitted by the regulation, and so that need to be controlled. Disinfection is one of the methods. The study was aimed to determine the difference in the reduction
of microbe numbers between the use of UV sterilizer and disinfectant ‘V” by conducting an experiment which followed pre-test post-test only design. Samples were taken from each wall’s central point at one meter height of five nursing wards. Samples were taken in seven repetitions by
using wall swab method. The results showed that UV disinfection was able to decrease the wall
microbe number in average of 47.185 % (p<0,,001). However, since the post-test measurement
were still 62,2 CFU/cm2
, it was considered that this method had not fulfilled the requisite yet. On
the other hand, disinfectant “V” was able reducing the microbe number in average of 93.74 %
(p<0,001) and had met the requirement because the post treatment was below the thresholds,
i.e.in average of 6.28 CFU/cm2