Because of its characteristics, magnet has important role in supporting the functioning of electronic
devices. However, abandoned magnet or magnet waste has potential harm for environment
and human. The purpose of this study was to reduce the accumulation of magnet waste and utilize
it as a source of electrical energy, by means of rotating the pedal of in the created tools, and
then the energy is then delivered to anchor component and then to capacitor. The study was a
pre-experiment with post test only design, where the electrical energy was used to LED lamp
and to charge mobile phone. The results showed that the power plant can turn on LED lights for
15 minutes, and can charge mo-bile phone, i.e. in 5 minutes obtained 2% battery increase, in 10
minutes 4% increase, and in 15 minutes 6% increase. It can be concluded that the created power
generation equipment can be a solution to reduce magnet waste accumulation, and as the
source of electrical energy.