Waste problem is a social phenomenon which must be in concern from all parties. Gadingsari
Village in Sanden, Bantul Regency produces waste such as rice husk and cigarette packs. Both
types of waste contain cellulose which can be utilised in recycled paper production. The aim of
this study was to utilize waste into a recycled paper and identify the tensile strength and absorption
of water on recycled paper. The study was an experiment with post test only design. The
measurement consisted of water absorbency and pull srength of the recycled papers. The production
of recycled paper was yielded from three variations of comparison, i.e. 1:1, 1:2 and 0:1
(control). The average results of the water absorption test were 56,2 mm, 67,4 mm and 95,6 mm,
meanwhile the average of tensile strength test were 1,64 N/mm, 1,80 N/mm and 3,80 N/mm.
Based on the testing of paper water absorption, it is known that all variations of paper conforms
the standards according to SNI 0499 in 2008, which are 50-100 mm. While testing the tensile
strength of paper in accordance with the SNI 14-6419 standard in 2001 is a variation of control
which is a minimum of 1,96 N/mm with a result of 3,80 N/mm. Therefore, the community is advised
to apply the production of recycled paper from rice husk and cigarette packs.