Waste management in schools becomes one of the efforts in the forming of comfortable and
clean schools. Waste bin with video is made to stimulate students to be able to properly dispose the waste according to their types with the help of audiovisual stimulation. The purpose of
this research was to know the usefulnes of waste bin with video model toward the accuracy of
students in sorting the waste in accordance with the instructions. The research was an experiment with post test only control group design and was taken place in two elementary schools,
i.e. Kanoman Public Elementary School as the control group and Patran Public Elementary
School as the treatment group, both school are located in Banyuraden Village of Gamping, Sleman Regency, and as the respondents were all students of grade four. The study results show
that the percentage of sorting in the treatment group are 79,41 % for paper waste, 87,50 % for
plastic waste, and 86,66 % for food waste; meanwhile in the control group, the percentages are
68,96 % for paper waste, 70,37 % for plastic waste and 68,18 % for food waste. The data
analysis by using independent t-test at α = 0,05, yielded p-values of 0,022 which can be concluded that the waste bins with video do influence the accuracy of elementary school students
in waste types sorting in mutual accordance with the given instructions.