One of the occupations that have great risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) is mushroom

seeding workers. The results of a preliminary study in mushroom home industries showed that

100% workers complaining of pain in the limbs after work so that efforts to overcome this situation

is needed. The purpose os the study was to reduce the complaints of musculoskeletal disorders

among mushroom seeding workers in Klangon Village of Argosari, Sedayu, Bantul by implementing

workplace stretching exercise. The study was a quasi-experiment with pre-test posttest

with control group design. The exercise interventions were given in five days with one frequency

a day, and 8-10 minute duration per session. The study samples were 31 female workers

who were selected by using simple random sampling technique. The instrument used was the

Nordic Body Map questionnaire with 17 sekeletal muscle focus points. The data were analysed

by using Wilcoxon Rank Test and Mann Whitney at α=0,05. The results showed that the reduction

average of musculoskeletal disorders in the experiment group was 84,16%, meanwhile

in the control group it was 7,16%. The p-value obtained from statistical analysis was <0,001 indicating

that the reduction different between the two study groups was significant. To conclude,

workplace stretching exercise can reduce musculoskeletal disorders among mushroom seeding