One technique that can be applied to reduce or to avoid occupational accidents is job safety
analysis (JSA) method, which is determined based on parameters or stages where the accidents
are frequently occur. The purpose of this study is to minimize the danger of workplace
accidents in the furniture production of PT X by implementing JSA method. The study was an
observational descriptive study. The respondents/sample was 119 out of 169 workers who are
selected by using random sampling technique. The data showed that machine II had the greatest
potential for work accidents. These conditions were obtained from the data in previous year,
interviews and direct field assessments. The danger posed by occupational accidents can result
in serious or minor injuries to workers' limbs. The OHS section of the company has carried out
PPE control, installing OHS signs and initial training. However, work accidents still occur in 2018
and 2019. The results of the study indicate that the potential for work accidents can be minimized
by increasing the OHS work program in the company including: improving the quality of
PPE, improving OHS discipline, and finally the application of the method of substitution on a tool
that could potentially cause danger. Thus, the potential hazards and risks can be prevented and
managed properly. To conclude, JSA method is able to reduce work accidents by a percentage
in accordance with the type of work in the production process.