Organic waste, particulary chicken bones, have not been well managed. Therefore, it is potential to give negative effect to the environment. One of proper bone waste processing is to utilize
it as additional ingredient for duck feed. The purpose of the study was to know the effect of
chicken bones powder addition at 3 %, 5 %, and 7 % concentration on the increase of egg productivity in terms of their weight and quantility. The research was an experiment with pre-test
and post-test with only group design. The object of the study was 60 Mojosari Ducks aged nine
month in Singgihan Village of Trenggalek Regency. The feeding was given in 15 days. The data obtained were analysed by using one way anava and Kruskal Walli tests, and subsequently
with paired t-test, at 95 % confidence level. The result showed that the increasing of egg weight
produced by each treatment group were significantly different (p-value < 0,001) and the 7 %
concentration gave the highest average, i.e. 5,1 gram. And so was for egg quantity parameter,
the study results showed that each treatment group yielded different increase number of duck
eggs (p-value < 0,001), where the highest average, i.e. 2,1 eggs, was obtained from the 7 %
concentration. It can be concluded that chicken bones powder addition to duck feeds has gave
positive effect.