The use of chemical pesticide in order to control pest problems in crops which is related with
people’s demand is unavoidable. However, inappropriate use of pesticide will lead to bad impact
on human health and the environment. The study was aimed to know the relationship between
pesticide related attitude and practice of tobacco farmers in Kelurahan Pleret Kecamatan Bantul
and pesticide concentration in their blood by conducting a cross sectional approached survey.
The sample was all 65 tobacco farmers in the study area. Blood pesticide level was measured
by cholinesterase method, meanwhile the attitude and practice were measured by using a
questionnaire. The results showed that only 7,69 % farmers had normal pesticide concentration
in their blood, and only 43,07 % and 41,53 % farmers had positive attitude and good practice
related with pesticide use. The subsequent statistical tests revealed that both independent variables were significantly assciated with the blood pesticide level, with p values 0.016 and
0.018, respectively. Based on these findings, the tobacco farners are advised to: attend the regular counseling held by the agriculture information office, pay attention on occupational helath
and safety, use fully personal protection devices when handling pesticide spraying, and wash
vegetables and and fruits thoroughly before cooking or eating.