Waste management activity may involves the entire community, including children. To teach
children as early as possible is a good start to get them used to dispose wastes in appropriate
places since they are easier to understand and able to implement. The study used three figures of cartoon character onto waste bins to know which one is the best for get the attention of
students of Tahunan Elementary School of Yogyakarta City and so that influencing the frequency of their waste disposal. The study was a quasi experiment with post test only design and
the object of the study was the entire 336 students of SDN Tahunan. The observation of waste
disposal was conducted daily in 10 days between 7 to 11 a.m. and the statistical result of one
way anova test at 95 % confidence level came to conclusion that the differences among waste
disposal frequencies between the three figures was significant (p-value=0,027), and from the
LSD test it was found that students were most interested to Doraemon picture.