Health service facilities need to be monitored in order to prevent the nosocomial infections, especially from the high amount of air microbe. Therefore, disinfection effort is needed. One of natural disinfectant substances is lime peels which contain flavonoid as anti-bacteria. The aim of the study was to identify the influence of the use of lime (Citrus aurantifolia) peels extract on various exposure distances toward the decrease air microbe in Puskesmas Sewon II, Bantul. The study was a pre-test post-test group designed experiment and was conducted in May and June 2018. The disinfections were attached to a modified wall fan. The data were analysed by using paired t-test and one way anova at 95 % level of significance. The reduction of air microbe number were measured at three exposure distances. i.e.1,4 m, 2,8 m, and 4,2 m from the fan. Each distance consisted of three sampling collection points. Descriptively, the highest reduction of air
microbe was identified in 2,8 m, i.e. 63,42 %, and the lowest one was found in 1,4 m distance, i.e. 52,7 %. The result of paired t-test analysis show that only at point F (2,8 m) and point H (4,2 m) the use of lime peels extract affecting the reduction of air microbe (the association p-values gained were 0,009 and 0,045 respectively). In genereal, the results of one way anova test show that the air microbe reduction among the three exposure distance are not significantly different (p-value = 0,496).