The failure to conduct hands’ hygiene and health of medical personnels are considered and had been recognised as one of the main factors of nosocomial
infection in health service facilities. The study was aimed to understand the difference ability in decreasing hand bacteria number between two types of handscrub, ie. liquid soap and glycerine alcohol. The participants in this study were 28 sampled nurses from pedriatic intensice care unit of Dr Sardjito General Hospital. They were then separated into two treatment groups. The experiment used pre-test post-test design. The hand bacteria were sampled, managed and examined by following the standard procedure. The results showed that liquid soap could reduce 69,61% of the bacteria, meanwhile
glycerine alcohol was 62,09%. The further statistical t test proved that the difference was significant (p-value 0,037). It is advised that liquid soap is best
used for rooms that need sterile condition and do not produce proteins, fatty acids and phospate compounds which can reduce its ef-fectiveness.