The incidence of ARI among under five children in Indonesia is still high. It is presumed that one
of the causes is indoor pollution due to smoking and mosquito coils using. The purpose of this
research was to prove the relationship between both behaviors and ARI incidence among under
five children in Kelurahan Semarang Kecamatan Banjarnegara by conducting a case control study. There were 30 children for each groups and the data were collected by using questionnaire
and were analysed by using Odds Ratio calculations at 95% confidence level to identify the
magnitude of the risks. The results show that OR for indoor smoking is as much as 3,05 (95%
CI: 1,05-8,84) with p-value less than 0,001; and OR for mosquito coils using is 3,14 (95% CI:
1,07-9,27) with p-value less than 0,001, as well. It can be concluded that those two variables under study are risk factors for ARI incidence among under five children in the study site.